Solar Water Heater

Andhyodaya solar division, Alternate Energy Corporation(AECO), supplies High quality Solar water heaters with Inner and outer tank  made of 304-28 Stainless Steel, poly Urethane form (PUF) , Stand material with Aluminium  Alloy/ GI/ SS. The output water temperature will be 75 to 90 degree Celsius temperature.

Benefits of Solar Water Heaters:

  • Hot water throughout the year.
  • Uses Solar Energy to heat the water.
  • Hot water preserved for 36 hours without heat loss.
  • It avoids fossil fuels; hence it is a Green Technology.
  • The technology reduces carbon emission.
  • A 100 LPD solar water heater reduces about 2 Metric Tons of carbon.
  • Break even of solar water is just 24 months when compared to electric apparatus.
  • Practically no maintenance for the system.
  • Hot water from solar water heaters is of drinking quality, it can be used for cooking.
  • Suitable for Homes, Hospitals, Hostels, Hotels, Resorts, Function Halls, Old Age Homes, Canteens, etc.

Special Features:

  • Heat focuses apparatus with high efficiency up to 93 %.
  • PUF insulated stainless steel tank for effective heat retention.
  • Electrical backup provided for the use during cloudy days.
  • Better performance in winter & cloudy days compared to flat plate collector.
  • Enormous energy saving & pay back in two years.
  • Hard water / scaling do not corrode the glass tubes.
  • Five Year Replacement warranty.

100 LPD

200 LPD

300 LPD

400 LPD

500 LPD

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