Carbon Credit Programme

In collaboration with the Chicago Climate Change (CCX) USA, we started implementating this innovative programme from 2007-2008 onwards. We are the first Carbon Aggregator of the CCX in india and the first project was for the project was for small scale bio gas plants for the benefit of farmers. Biogas which comes out of a Biogas Plant of mix of 60% Methane, 30% Carbon di Oxide and 5 % of Hydrogen Sulphide and the rest 5% is a mix of other gases. When a House Wife opens a Biogas stove, and burns the biogas for cooking, she is in fact destroying two major greenhouse gases namely Methane and Carbon di Oxide. This technology is eligible for getting carbon credits. A biogas plant thus becomes a technology for alternate fuel and also a technology for Environment preservation-Carbon Reduction.

Main activities taken under this area are Carbon Credit Programme is Promotion and implementation of Renewable energy Projects like Biogas plants, Solar Energy Equipments and Solar Water Heaters. The financial benefits of the project are reached to our more than 12300 biogas plant owners of Kerala 23000 farmers from Andhra Pradesh also get the money from this programme. Approximately

We have taken up a project under the VER.  In order to get the credit registered and paid, we collaborate with the famous Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) in USA.We bundle up the Biogas plant, fix a protocol, calculate the credits, get it registered, sell the credits to the buyers and pay the income in a scheduled manner to the Biogas Plant Owners. So, we are called the carbon Aggregators of the CCX.      

By doing this project, our organization is created history for the benefit of farmers of our country. Now, they can be proud saying that they are protecting the environment by using Biogas Plant. This project gives an extra motivation to other farmers who do not have Biogas Plants to construct new Biogas Plants. The Andhyodaya is transformed farmers to environmentalists working for a better world. Carbon Credit programme in Kerala was implemented with the co-operation of Federal Bank.  Through the bank we reached farmers those who are eligible for this money.

Solar energy is one of the most abundantly available forms of energy that is the solution to our ever increasing energy demand. Solar PV projects are environment friendly and help in reducing Green House Gas (GHG) emissions that would have otherwise occurred due to the fossil fuel based power generation. If the Solar PV plant starts injecting electricity in the grid, it can help to displace equal amount of electricity that would have otherwise been generated from the GHG intensive grid (Most of the power grid have electricity from coal based power plants).  Hence such projects are also eligible to earn carbon credits under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). It is an arrangement under the Kyoto Protocol allowing industrialized countries with a GHG emission reduction.

Solar water heater is a simple and efficient device, which can be used to heat water without putting any extra burden on precious energy resources. Use of solar water heater as an energy conservation device helps in peak load management in the power plant. It helps to reduce traditional methods of heating water or electricity usages and reducing Green House Gas (GHG) emissions

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