Solar Training

The Andhyodaya Solar division conducting regular course in solar power generating system.

Learning Objectives

  • The main objective of this programme is to understand an off-grid system, on-grid system and hybrid system.
  • Solar Power Plant design with the help of simulation software.
  • Simulation cover (Project phase, Orientation of modules, Solar components, user’s needs, near and far shading analysis, different loss analysis, simulation result and discussion.
  • Different steps to execute the Solar Power Plant.
  • Different development phase in the Solar plant installation.

Vision & Mission

  • The VISION of this programme is enables participants to “Design and Simulate SPV System”.
  • The MISSION of this programme are to impart the knowledge and proper training and enable participants to become a solar professional.

The Course:

The Andhyodaya certificate of Training for ” PV Syst”

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